Not every steel tubular product can come off the shelf ready to go. If you need something more that just stock, Maruichi Leavitt Pipe and Tube has the solution with our custom processing capabilities 

custom processes

Custom Processes

A steel tube isn't always just a steel tube. When you need something outside the box, our custom processes can supply you the right tube for the job. For any custom process, please work directly with your tube person for more information.

Tight length tolerance or a short length required? Our band-saw can cut tube smaller than our standard mill lengths off production rollings. 

Tubular products produced with the flash in. On certain sizes, we can control or remove the flash to meet your specification.

Our rectangular steel tubes are typically produced with the weld on the large side. Did you know, we can also produce with the weld on the short side? Inquire with us today on your particular application.

Need a bundle that's outside of the ordinary? Off production rollings, we can often accommodate a custom bundle count and configuration that meet your specifications.

Telescoping two tubes together? Or need something tighter than standard tolerance? Our production staff welcomes your opportunity to make the tubular product you need for the job.

We also partner with numerous companies to offer galvanization, pickled and oil structural tube, heat treatment, beveling and more. Contact your tube person for more details.

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