With a high strength to weight ratio, an aesthetic appeal favored by architects, less surface area for coatings and closed sections, ASTM A500 steel HSS forms the future with OEMs and non-residential construction applications across North America.

ASTm A500 Grade b/c  STEEL HSS


Size Range

Squares 1" x 1" to 10" x 10"
(and corresponding rectangles)
Rounds .84" to 12.75"
Wall Thickness .083 to .500
Lengths from 20' to 80' *
Weld on Large Side


ASTM A500 Grade B & C            Flash In


HRB (Hot Rolled Black)                
Saw Cut End Finish

Value Added

Flash Removal*
Weld on Short Side*
Bandsaw Re-Cutting*
Custom Bundle Configuration*
Certify Sizes to Grade C*
Certify Sizes to Grade B/C*

*Certain Sizes
  Minimums may apply.

Industries That Use
Steel HSS


Non-residential construction makes up the backbone of North America's infrastructure. HSS supports construction projects with material that is architecturally pleasing to individuals.


From guardrails (box beam) that protect roads to trailer hitches for hauling, HSS drives transportation forward. We are certified to produce guardrail tubing by various states’ Department’s of Transportation. Guardrail tubing uses an unique chemical composition to provide excellent compression qualities, torsion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio and provides excellent surface for galvanized coating requirements by the various states' Departments of Transportation.


Steel HSS is used in tillage and farm equipment. These machines help meet tomorrow’s growing need for food production.

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