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Still Growing Strong after 60 Years

We are living proof that life does get better after 50. Since our 50th birthday in 2006, we've invested heavily into making our products the industry leader. These investments include:

  • 2006: New Milling Saw installed, W80 Mill
  • 2008: Updated warehouse lighting for a "greener" work space
  • 2010: New computer system installed to streamline operations
  • 2011: W80 Large Structural Tubing Mill Upgraded with a quick change cassette system
  • 2012: New Mid-size W50 Structural Tubing Mill installed
  • 2012: New # 8 Mechanical Tube Mill installed

For many companies, the upgrades and installations we've completed thus far would be enough for a lifetime. But we aren't finished yet. Coming in 2013, the following projects will be completed:

  • Designed specifically for the automotive industry, our new #9 Mill will produce small round A513 mechanical tubing. This mill is scheduled to come online in the second quarter of 2013
  • Also in the 2nd quarter we will start producing A53 Grade B Tested pipe. For this new product, our range will start at 4.5" round and go up through 12.75" round
  • Finally, API 5L Line Pipe will be coming in the second half of this year. This product is designed for use in the energy industry and will start at 4.5" round and go up through 12.75" round

As our line of products we manufacture continues to grow, so to do our tube people, the individuals who make Maruichi Leavitt Pipe & Tube a quality tubing manufacturer. Our workers continue to grow in their profession, learning more efficient ways to manufacturer tubing every day. Our veteran work force has been instrumental in training the next generation of steel tube producers. Harnessing their knowledge, we have begun documenting everything our veterans know as we create one of the most extensive training programs for new tube people in the industry. Our new workers continue to soak up the k7owledge passed along and have even been teaching the "old guys" a few tricks along the way. The commitment to our workforce both young and old will continue to make Maruichi Leavitt Pipe & Tube successful for generations to come. Like we said before, we're still growing strong and will continue to do so.

Please take a moment to view our product selection and never hesitate to contact us directly about your pipe and tube demands.

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